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MoDeSt conference 2012

If you are an academic or industry professional interested in the present and future of plastics, we encourage you to attend the MoDeSt 2012 Conference. MoDeSt 2012 is focused on the dissemination of scientific information within the international community of experts in modification, degradation and stabilization processes in polymers. In addition MoDeSt 2012 will give you a unique opportunity to taste the atmosphere of the mysterious city of Prague, in which brightness of multiple Nobel Prize winners mingles with shadows of Emperor Rudolph’s alchemists. The upcoming 7th Conference MoDeSt 2012 opens on September 2, 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic and is organized by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences. MoDeSt 2012 contributes to the series of biannual MoDeSt Conferences – recently held in Athens (Greece, 2010), Liege (Belgium, 2008) and San Sebastian (Spain, 2006). Renowned scientists of the field are being invited to present the plenary and keynote lectures; Proposals for oral and poster presentations are welcomed and can be submitted at this Conference website

New Initiative - Travel bursaries for Young Researchers

MoDeSt also announces a new initiative to provide travel bursaries to encourage mobility of young researchers between laboratories. Up to six bursaries, of up to EUR 800 each, will be available in 2011-2012 to help to fund short visits by young researchers to other laboratories. The attached document contains full details of these bursaries and the application procedure.

MoDeSt Meetings in 2011

MoDeSt does not have a congress this year, but please keep an eye on
the web site for details of the 2012 Congress, to be held in Prague.

This year we are supporting the meeting to be held at the Hotel "La Residenza" in Capri, Italy, in honour of Prof. Domenico Acierno's 70th birthday. Prof Acierno was a founder member of MoDeSt and served as our treasurer for many years. The meeting will celebrate his many fundamental contributions to polymer science over more than 40 years. The programme includes keynote lectures on polymer degradation. Full details can be obtained from the secretariat:
Michele Carandente:

The registration deadline is at the end of February.

Other Meetings of Interest
Although not part of the MoDeSt programme, there are several meetings in 2011 which are likely to interest MoDeSt members. In date order, they are:

The 13th European

Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymers, to be held in Alessandria, Italy 26-30 June. Full details are at:


the 3rd International Conference on Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers, to be held in Strasbourg, France 29-31 August. Full details are at:

The Polymer Degradation Discussion Group

will meet in Sestri Levante, Italy, 5-7 September. Full details are at:

The 5th European Weathering Symposium

will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 21-23 September. Full details are at:
We'll hope to see some of our friends and colleagues at some of these meetings

All best wishes from the MoDeSt committee